Addiction 2 – Aislin

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This erotic movie by Sandra Shine stars blue-eyed Latvian blonde Aislin. In her striped dress, she is one very stylish girl, and lingering shots of her feet as she walks home after a shopping trip hint at a love of shoes – she’s wearing fashionable platform-soled sandals. She’s buzzing with anticipation and, as she enters her apartment, we discover that she has a full-blown footwear fetish. As soon as she shuts the door behind her, she drops her bags and hugs a shoebox to her. Excited and aroused, she unwraps the tissue paper from her new shoes like she’s opening a gift, then breathes in the scent of them. We get our first look at them – cream-colored mules with a single rhinestone toe-strap – as she kisses and licks the high spike heels, and rubs them against her beautiful body. In her walk-in closet – home to many more pairs of glamorous shoes – she tries them on, striking poses and admiring them. As she does so, we’re treated to plenty of close-ups of her pretty, pedicured feet. She retrieves another pair of shoes – an identical rhinestone design, but in black leather. Experimenting, she compares the two colors, all the while rubbing the shoes she isn’t wearing over her legs. She strokes them up her body to her mouth to nuzzle and lick them. Then, barefoot, she leans up against a wall, hikes up her dress to reveal black lace panties and rubs a cream shoe against her crotch, holding it between her thighs as she humps it. Meanwhile, she oralizes one of the black shoes, then strips down to her skimpy black bra. She pops out her perky, medium-sized breasts and teases them with two shoes, pinching, rolling and tugging the nipples between the skinny tips of two heels. Next, she slips a heel inside of her panties, working it into her shaved slit, then ditches her underwear so she can rub the shoes against her pussy more fully, using the soles and toes as well as the heels to splay her lips and massage her clit. Sitting on the floor, thighs wide apart, she grabs another shoe – skyscraper-high, red-and-wine patent – and uses this to tease her pussy too, dipping the pointed toe into her snatch. As she gets closer to cumming, her face twists in ecstasy, her moans slightly muffled as she sucks her juices from the red shoe. At last, her footwear fetish becomes a frenzy – she scoops up as many shoes as she can hold, losing herself in her love for them as her fingers pound her pussy – but it’s not until she strums her clit with a spike heel that she finally cums. It’s intense – screaming with pleasure, she drops the shoes but caresses them and her naked body as she relishes the aftershocks of her orgasm.