Chop Sticks 2 – Cristin

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Sexy Cristin is an elegant, brown-eyed brunette from Ukraine, with the height, body and face of a runway model. She is wearing a classy dark blue dress with minimal makeup and her hair is in a bun adorned with chopsticks. She’s using another set of chopsticks to eat sushi, while looking at shunga – Japanese erotic art. As she examines each explicit detail with a magnifying glass, she gets horny and begins to touch herself, caressing her breasts through her dress then stroking her pussy through the crotch of her white, lace-edged panties. She slides her manicured fingers inside of them, then slips them off to reveal a shaved pussy. As she fingers her moistening slit, she holds the magnifying glass in front of it, giving the camera a close-up view. Next, she uses her chopsticks to tease her snatch, rolling, squeezing and stretching her clit and lips between them. She strips off the dress to expose small, perfect breasts with subtle tanlines, then she sits naked, with her impossibly long legs splayed, and resumes masturbating with the chopsticks and her free hand. Laying down the sticks, she kneels on the chair, flaunting her firm cheeks and tight asshole as she reaches back between her thighs to finger her swollen snatch. A single strand of hair falls free from her neat updo and her face is a portrait of erotic bliss. As she pleasures herself, she lets out sighing moans. Sitting on the chair again, with one foot raised on the table, she masturbates with one hand while caressing her tits and slender neck with the other. She cums hard and, as she relishes the afterglow of her orgasm, the camera takes a final lingering close-up look at her stunning body.