Cream Me 2 – Cindy Shine

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Gorgeous brunette Cindy Shine takes a creamy dessert from the refrigerator and eats it appreciatively, licking the spoon as she savors every mouthful. Her senses stimulated, she unhooks her bra and dabs the cream over her erect nipples, the cold sensation making her shiver with arousal. Sliding her panties down over her sexy ass, she sits with her thighs apart and smears cream over her shaved pussy so that it trickles through her intricate pink folds. She uses it as lube, rubbing her slick clit and thrusting her fingers into her juicy slot, the intense pleasure making her gasp and moan. Going face down ass up on the floor, she masturbates vigorously, then flips onto her back and probes her juicy slot even harder and deeper, driving herself to an intense orgasm.