Eight Ball – Amelia Riven

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Gorgeous Amelia Riven is playing pool, bending over the table provocatively. The raven-haired beauty moves to the sofa, kicking off her high heels and removing her top to bare her perky breasts, then unzipping her short plaid skirt and letting it drop. She smiles flirtatiously as she wriggles out of her panties and grabs her sexy ass cheeks, spreading them to reveal her jeweled butt plug. Parting her slender thighs, she strokes her shaved pussy delicately at first, then harder and faster as her arousal grows. She thrusts a finger into her juicy slot, moaning with pleasure and fucking herself avidly. Face down ass up, she frigs frantically, then lies back against the cushions, hips rocking as she masturbates to an intense orgasm.