Fan-tastic 2 – Dido

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Sexy Dido, a sizzling-hot platinum blonde, stars in this horny flight of fantasy as “Lola”, a popular online performer based in Prague. We find her dressed in a gray miniskirt over a bright red teddy, collecting a bundle of fan mail. This includes flowers and gifts – and also a pair of stockings and a card requesting that she shoot a video while wearing them. She switches her camera to “record” and rolls the stockings up her legs – the design leaves her pedicured toes exposed and wiggling for the lens. In sharp close-up she plays with her feet, stroking her soles and fingering her toes. All the while, the crotch of her teddy is visible, stretched tight and clinging to the contours of her pussy. She stands up, smiles at the camera then performs a teasing dance, swishing her waist-length blonde mane and showing off her shapely ass, with the lace tops of her stockings visible below the hem of her skirt. Next, she peels off the skirt and frees her perfect natural breasts from the top of her teddy – then she unpops the fasteners at the crotch to expose her shaved pussy. Teasingly, she splays her pink open then loses her teddy and kneels on the chair, now naked aside from her stockings. She reaches underneath to frig her slit with manicured fingers, moaning and sighing as she probes inside with one digit. Then she sits on the chair, with two fingers pumping furiously, writhing and arching her body as she approaches orgasm. Intense pleasure is written all over her face and her entire body quivers as she climaxes, She withdraws her cum-slick fingers, smears her cream over her pussy lips, then flashes one final smile at the camera before the picture fades.