Flesh III Club – Yasmina

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Here is lovely Yasmina, giving off an air of the prim and the proper in her cream dress, which hugs her figure nice and tight around the hips and waist. But there’s nothing prim about the way she undresses, sliding the zipper down and dropping the dress to the floor to bend over and stroke her juicy ass. Wearing nothing but white lace panties, bra and heels, the sexy Russian brunette climbs up on the desk and strokes her pussy through her panties, then frees one breast, teasing and stroking her nipple stiff. She kicks off her shoes and throws off her bra, lying on her back. Wetting a finger, she pulls her panties aside and rubs saliva all over her shaved pussy, parting her lips with her wet digit. With her panties off she can really enjoy herself, working her fingers all over her clit, rubbing herself harder until she can’t help but buck and thrust against her fingers, driving two inside her tight hole. Faster and faster her fingers fly, spurring her on to reach for a butt plug. With her asshole lubed, the leggy brunette works her sex toy up inside her ass, and revels in the erotic sensation. Down on her knees, her face pressed into the desk’s surface, she fucks her ass and pussy with wild abandon.