Flight Attendant 2 – Vine

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Stunning flight attendant Vine checks herself out in the mirrored wall, admiring the way her tight uniform clings to her slender body. The seductive beauty lifts her dress and spanks her sexy bubble butt playfully, then sashays into her hotel bedroom and stretches out on the bed, touching herself sensuously. Peeling off her panties, she starts to stroke her shaved pussy, pausing to grab a vibrator from her suitcase and buzz it against her stiff nipples. She gets naked and lets down her long blonde hair, then spreads her thighs and strums her clit before thrusting her fingers into her juicy slot to fuck herself avidly. Now she uses the sex toy to intensify the powerful sensations, kneeling to grind on it until a wild squirting orgasm overwhelms her.