Foot Fetish 2 – Adel Morel

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Dressed in revealing red lingerie, sexy Ukrainian brunette Adel Morel sits on the edge of her bathtub playing solo footsie. Her pedicured toes wiggle and entwine, then she reaches down to splay and stroke them with manicured fingers. She sprays her feet with foaming wash and massages it all over them with her hands before rubbing her soles and heels together. Flexing her feet, she rinses them clean with the shower. Then she flaunts her stunning ass in close-up as she walks to her bed. Now she drizzles her feet with creamy lotion and slathers it over every inch of them, too. Again, she rubs them together, leaving her hands free to tease her crotch. She strokes it through the sheer scarlet lace, then pulls her thong aside to expose her shaved pussy. Adel assumes a yoga-style pose, thighs and knees splayed and feet touching. Then, as she masturbates her slit, her free hand squeezes and massages her foot. Her slender, lithe body writhes on the sheets as her fingertips circle her clit and she moans out loud. Feet raised, she peels off her panties, sawing the fabric between her toes and working it against her soles before tossing them aside. Next, she lowers her bra to expose her perfect breasts, then continues to give each foot and her snatch more simultaneous attention. As her feet move together she pleasures her slit and tits, now lost in erotic ecstasy. She smears one foot with her oozing juices then pulls it up to her rack, playing it against one globe before rolling on her belly. Cheeks splayed and tight asshole on display, she humps and grinds against the sheets until, finally, she cums hard, grasping one foot. Legs bent double, she rubs her soles and heels against her buns and laces her fingers between her toes as she enjoys the afterglow.