Forest Diva 2 – Lilly Mays

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Sexy tattooed redhead Lilly Mays is eating lunch at her desk – and, as she gazes at her sandwich wrapper, inspiration strikes. Deciding there’s more to life than work, she takes the afternoon off and heads outdoors, finding a shady spot by a lake in a forest. Now she’s wrapped up like a tasty snack, wearing a top and skirt made of transparent stretch film over stockings-and-garters pantyhose. As she enjoys the dappled sunlight and fresh air, she caresses her perfect breasts through the skin-tight plastic. She loves how it feels against her body and, as she strokes it, the sound has an ASMR quality, heightening her state of bliss. Of course, pleasure comes in many forms, and as she hikes up her skirt, she feels a deliciously cool breeze on her naked shaved pussy. Next, as Lilly’s fingers make contact with her warm, moist slit, it triggers a huge rush of lust. Her free hand claws at her plastic wrap top and she rips it apart with her brightly colored nails. She sinks down into a low squat, frigging herself slowly, tastes her own pleasure off of her fingertips, then rubs them, spit-wet, against her swollen clit. Leaning back against the rough bark of a tree, she plows her snatch while kneading her bared breast and tweaking her nipple. Her pink is swollen, tender and super-sensitive, but she doesn’t want to orgasm too soon. Shot in close-up, she keeps frigging herself, then swings around the tree trunk like a pole-dancer before dropping down into a squat again. Her moans get louder and higher until she’s crying out uncontrollably. She cums once, but keeps on reaming herself, freeing her other tit as she brings herself to a second, even more powerful climax. It’s almost too much to handle and her thighs clamp together around her hand, pinning it in place against her crotch as she enjoys the afterglow.