Golden Ride 2 – Ayza

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Ayza, a petite, slim babe with long black hair, is in bed, playing with golden chains. She has draped them over her naked body and is stroking them over her smooth curves, and the camera zooms in for a close-up as she uses them to tease her perfect breasts and stiff nipples. She licks and sucks on the links and drags them slowly over her shaved pussy, feeling as much as hearing the jingle and rattle as they move against her tender folds. She works a handful against her slit, her breathing heavy as they add another dimension to her self-pleasure. Half-turning onto her side, she grinds against the links. While her free hand caresses her breasts, her fingertips circle and strum the chain and her clit beneath it. As she gets on all fours, pulling the chain tight into her ass crack, her fingers work furiously in her slit. Then, on her back again, she builds to a climax, fingertips a blur as her back arches and she humps and bucks her ass clear of the bed. As she cums, she lets out little squeals of pleasure, muffled by a pillow. Finally satisfied, she lies back, her breathing heavy as her hands caress her naked skin.