Leashed – Mira V

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As we meet Mira V, cute and sassy with a long brunette bob, she’s sitting on a side table as her arms are bound together with a rope, from elbow to wrist – the free end forms a leash that is controlled by a mysterious partner offscreen. She’s naked, aside from a black garter belt and stockings that draw attention to her neatly trimmed bush. Mira gyrates, grinding her ass against the table as she twists in her bonds and pulls against the leash, but she’s given enough slack to play with her pussy. Swishing her hair and flashing cheeky glances at her “captor”, she fingers herself deep and hard, switching position – kneeling, legs splayed, then lying back – for maximum pleasure. As she cums, the rope is pulled tight, keeping her hands firmly on her pussy. She gasps in ecstasy, looking right into the camera’s lens… and finally, the leash is released.