Like Snow – Sapphira A

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Sapphira, one of the elite handful of models under exclusive contract with the Metart Network, takes the next step in her career in Andrej Lupin’s “Like Snow.” Her first appearance at Sexart was in a still photo gallery. “Like Snow” is an HD erotic feature film which stars Sapphira, and Sapphira alone. Filmed on an overcast winter’s day, “Like Snow” begins with the stunning model taking a leisurely stroll during a light snowfall. She then retires to a nearby apartment, warms herself up, strips herself down, and indulges in a long and pleasurable — for star and viewer, alike — session of autoerotic sex play. While every delectable detail of Sapphira’s superb body is on display here, there’s nothing showy or overly dramatic about her performance. Sapphira seems absorbed in the moment, completely unaware of the camera, and simply indulges her own erotic urges in the way she’s most comfortable and familiar with. “Like Snow,” while eye-pleasingly explicit, is also remarkably intimate. The thoughtful mood, the unhurried pace, and Sapphira’s exceptional beauty make “Like Snow” the perfect way to shake off winter’s icy grip with a beautiful burst of artful erotic heat.