Maid Service 2 – Adel Morel

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Sexy dark-haired Ukrainian chambermaid Adel Morel is cleaning a suite of rooms in a hotel. She’s wearing a kinky, revealing French maid uniform, complete with frilled garter and spike-heeled pumps. As she bends over to polish a table, shot upskirt, she flaunts stunning toned ass cheeks, separated by a skinny thong. Next, she sweeps the floor – perfect breasts threatening to spill out of the low-cut top of her minidress – then heads into the laundry room. As she inspects the washing machine, she makes an intriguing discovery: a sex toy she figures got tangled up in last night’s sheets. She should just hand it in at the lost and found, but horny curiosity gets the better of her. In the bedroom, she stretches out on the queen-size bed and takes a closer look – the device is a cute, shell-pink pussy-sucker. Then she kicks off her shoes and exposes her stunning rack, eager to test it out. She positions the vibrating suction head over one stiff nipple, then switches it on. The effect is almost immediate – within moments, she’s squirming on the sheets, frigging her shaved pussy through her tiny panties. She moves the toy down and homes in on her clit, pulling her thong aside, then gyrates and flexes her lithe, slender body as the sucker pleasures her flesh relentlessly and rhythmically. Moaning, she humps her crotch against it, while reaching down to tease and massage one bare foot. Soon, she strips off the thong and lies prone, reaching between her legs to screw herself. Lost in a lust-fueled trance, Adel teases her snatch to the edge of orgasm, then sits up to finish herself off. She cums long and hard, sighs becoming whimpers and screams as she bucks against the small but powerful suction cup. She takes time out to recover, teasing her tongue with the toy as she licks it clean. Finally, she places the sucker on the bed, then leaves the room.