Morning Inspiration 2 – Emma O

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Hot Emma O – blue-eyed, with blonde hair in a ponytail – finds an empty wine bottle on her bed. Wearing only tan-colored pantyhose she crawls, catlike, over the covers towards it, displaying her slender body, long legs and beautiful, small breasts in the process. Feeling horny she caresses then licks it, running her tongue up the length of it. She kneels back on her haunches then uses the neck and mouth of the bottle to tease her nipples, before trailing it down over her belly to the crotch of her hose. A rear-view shows her semi-silhouetted in front of the window, with her graceful shoulders, arched back and firm, rounded ass on display. After licking and sucking on the bottle some more, she begins to stroke it against her shaved pussy, humping herself against the body of it through her hose. She lies back, rocking against it, legs splayed wide, then tears a hole in her hose. For a short while, she fingers her bared snatch, then she slides the neck of the bottle inside of her, moaning as she works it in and out, using it as a dildo. She pauses to suck her juices from it then resumes screwing herself. The scene changes to Emma oralizing the bottle – standing it upright on the bed then salivating on it and going down on it like a cock. Then she straddles it with her feet planted wide on the bed, sinking her pussy down onto it from above. She rides it, then lies down again, pounding it in and out with one hand as the fingers of the other work on her clit. Soon, she’s gripping the bottle in both hands, writhing in a frenzy with her moans becoming sobs of pleasure as she hits her climax. Even as her orgasm dies away she pumps herself with the bottle, prolonging her pleasure. Then, spent, she lies back and tastes her creamy cum off of the smooth glass.