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The Latvian director/editor team of Paul and Ilona Black share a singular vision. That vision, coupled with their technical prowess, results in erotic cinematic art quite unlike anything else available. Their latest creation, the subtly and suggestively titled “MUSA,” is another impressive exercise in psychologically rich, visually (and sonically) dazzling technique, and passionately performed female autoeroticism. Dark haired Darla showers and prepares for bed. She peels a banana. And then she enjoys it — to say that she eats it isn’t entirely accurate. She rubs her breast with a piece of the fruit until her nipple is stiff and throbbing. The banana breaks and a fragment falls between her legs. Desire builds and inspiration strikes. She unwraps a condom and rolls it onto a fresh banana. She inserts the phallic foodstuff in her beautiful pussy and begins pumping it in and out while the fingers of her other hand feverishly work her clitoris. The pumping, sliding, friction, and fantasy combine into a single irresistible, inexorable force and orgasm impacts Darla and the viewer with forceful intensity. There’s no question “MUSA” is out of the ordinary, but viewers with a taste for the unusual will find that it’s a sweet treat, indeed.