My Crystal – Eve Sweet

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Cute brunette Eve Sweet is taking racy selfies, her sexy lingerie so sheer it does little to conceal her stunning body. She turns herself on with her own naughtiness, and tossing her phone aside, she starts to caress her beautiful big breasts and shaved pussy through the flimsy fabric. Taking her panties off, she masturbates avidly, but she craves even more, grabbing her favorite dildo and plunging it into her juicy slot. The thick toy makes her gasp with arousal as she rubs her clit and fucks herself to an intense orgasm. Not even pausing to catch her breath, she keeps right on drilling herself with the dildo, driving herself to another powerful climax. She goes face down ass up on the bed and rides the toy to a third overwhelming orgasm, her happy smile saying she’s utterly sated.