Outlines Episode 5 – La Cura – Melena A

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Breathtaking natural beauty and gifted erotic performer Melena A makes her third appearance in Alis Locanta’s edgy “Outlines” series, Episode 5, “La Cura.” As with her two previous outings, Episode 5 is a solo performance, and once again she plays multiple roles. Against a stark and evocative slide guitar soundtrack, the central sequence places Melena in a distressed room — a farm outbuilding, perhaps? — surrounded by a few somewhat incongruous props. Chief among these is an IV bag hanging on a stand and feeding a colorless fluid to the hypodermic needle inserted in Melena’s left wrist — “The Cure” of the film’s title. For this role Melena is dressed all in white: simple socks, cotton panties, and a tank top. And while she’s as beautiful as ever, and every bit as lively and animated, her skin is subtly sallow, her face ever so slightly pallid. The mystery infusion takes effect as the film unfolds. Melena caresses her body through her garments, then she removes her top and panties and goes about the business of pleasuring herself. She begins with tentative strokes, but as her excitement builds she’s soon vigorously masturbating with the busy fingers of both hands. As her inevitable orgasm subsides she calmly and candidly regards the camera — one of the most disarming and memorable moments in the film. While the ultimate “meaning” and stylish symbolism contained in “Outlines Episode 5 — La Cura” is subject to each individual’s interpretation, there’s no question that this is powerful stuff — feel free to enjoy with the frequency and in the quantity that suits your tastes and desires.