Sado Games 2 – Kimber, Darma

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Darma is squatting down in an open-fronted dresser, blindfolded and wearing a black leather ball gag, her hands bound with fluffy purple cuffs to a bar above her head. She is naked, her bent legs splayed outward to reveal her full-bushed crotch. Kimber – curvy, tattooed and wearing a fitted leather-look tank, black stretch miniskirt, knit hat, heavy-soled boots, sunglasses and spiked bangle – struts over. She inspects her kinky submissive, running her hands over Darma’s body, then ups the ante, kissing and licking her – sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy. As Kimber leans forward, we see she is wearing no panties. She pops out Darma’s gag, so the two can make out, then removes her handcuffs and blindfold. Immediately, Darma begins caressing her girlfriend’s ass and tits – only for Kimber to go down on her, spreading Darma’s pussy open with her fingers so she can tongue it. Kimber licks Darma’s clit with one, then two, fingers deep inside of her, pumping mercilessly as Darma moans with pleasure then reaches orgasm. Spent, she sinks to the floor, where the two continue to stroke each other’s body.