Stockings And Heels 2 – Arissa

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Stunning brown-eyed brunette Arissa is in her kitchen, frosting a heart-shaped cake. She is wearing a neat black-and-white minidress with white lace-topped stockings, spike-heeled platform pumps, and a cute hairband. She slathers the sticky mixture over the home-baked treat with a black spatula, then raises the utensil to her mouth and licks it clean. She sucks stray spatters from her fingers and licks her lips. The spatula is the perfect mini spanker and she lays a stroke on her butt through her short skirt. Then she raises her hem to bare her ass cheeks and offer a shadowy peek at her shaved pussy. As she continues to punish her rear, she pleasures herself in front, manicured fingers caressing her crotch. She exposes one perfect breast, subtly tanlined, and spanks it too. Next, Arissa strips off her dress and perches next to the sink. She works the spatula against her slit, grinding and spanking, pausing occasionally to tease her tits and taste her juices off of the plastic blade. She sighs as she masturbates slowly – but she needs more space to fully indulge her erotic desires. She clears the cake and frosting off of the counter then hops up on it, legs splayed. She resumes her play with the spatula and soon, she is lost in sugary-sweet bliss. Her snatch is pink, swollen and juiced up, and she switches to using her fingers – only to grab the spatula once more, craving its friction and the warming sting as she spanks herself. Body arching and squirming, she plays with her perfect tits – and, as she rubs and taps her sensitized clit and pussy, she cums to an ecstatic orgasm. For a few more moments she lies back and her hands explore her beautiful curves. Then, finally, she hops down from the counter and exits the scene, ass on display as she struts away on her high heels.