A New Sensation – Sandy E

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In a dark-walled dungeon room, pretty blonde Sandy E inspects an ominous-looking bondage cage. She runs her manicured fingers over the black and steel frame – then, kneeling on all fours inside it, licks the metal collar attached to the bars in front. Her curvy body is dressed in a midnight-blue, velvety teddy and she snaps open the crotch to reveal her shaved pussy. Immediately, she begins to masturbate, skimming her clit and slit, then probing deep inside. As her fingers work their magic, she moans with pleasure. Next, she sits on the cage, pulling down the top of her teddy to expose her full breasts. These quiver and jiggle as her fingers pound her pussy, and she splays her thighs and angles her hips to plow herself deep. Her snatch is visibly and audibly wet, slurping around her digits as they stir and churn her juices. Casting a smoldering glance at the camera, Sandy gets totally naked then stands by the cage, raising a leg up onto it and reaching back to continue her self-pleasure. Her deep-pink inner lips and clit peek out from her fleshy slit. Next, she sprawls on the floor, one leg high in the air as she frigs herself even deeper and harder. Her moans become urgent sighs and gasps as she cums explosively – she humps against her hand, then rubs and splays her slit to draw out as much pleasure as she can. She lies back on the floor, satisfaction written all over her face as she caresses her beautiful curves.