Creamed Shaving 2 – Gerda A

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Gorgeous Gerda A, a slender, blue-eyed blonde with a pretty, natural look, is in her bathroom, running a bath. She removes her robe, revealing pert, small breasts, a flat, toned belly and shaved pussy, and enjoys a soak in the tub. Next, she towels herself dry then caresses her long legs before grabbing a can of shaving gel She slathers it on one leg before running a safety razor over it, gives her other leg the same treatment, then sits on a stool to work thick moisturizing cream into her skin. She spends some time massaging it into her bare feet – then, as her hands begin to wander over her body, she removes her towel. After cupping her breasts, she strokes her smooth pussy, fingers moving into her slit – her clit, peeking out between her lips, is swollen and wet with juices. As her excitement rises she moans and whimpers, and the camera homes in on her toes pointing and flexing in response. A change of position sees her kneel on the floor as she reaches back between her thighs. As her fingers continue to work their magic, she moves her ass rhythmically, grinding her snatch against them, cheeks splayed to expose her tight asshole. Then the camera switches back to her feet, as she uses the toes of one to stroke the sole of the other, enhancing her pleasure even more. Sitting once again, she licks her fingertips then resumes masturbating, moaning and biting her lip as her orgasm hits. Her moans and sighs get louder and higher as she cums, and she humps and quivers against her hand. As her climax dies away, she gives herself one last, lingering full-body stroke, before retrieving her towel and leaving the bathroom.