I’m Watching You 2 – Dgill

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Dgill, a gorgeous, slim, brown-eyed redhead with an elegant natural style, is spying on a female neighbor – a girl who looks a lot like her… She’s in her apartment, using binoculars to look into a window of the building opposite. The other woman seems to know she has an audience – she smiles provocatively as she strips down to black lingerie and stockings and then removes her bra and panties. Meanwhile Dgill is watching and touching herself through her casual white blouse and pale-blue jeans. She unfastens the blouse and her bra, exposing medium-small breasts, and uses the neck-cord of her binoculars to tease her stiff pink nipples. Soon her hands are roaming over her beautiful body and sliding inside of her waistband. Still watching, she strips naked and lies on the bed, already wet as her manicured fingers find her shaved pussy. Then, she lays the binoculars aside to focus on her own pleasure. Her breath comes in moans and gasps as she plays with her tits and slit and, as she gets on all fours to frig her fleshy labia from a different angle, she displays a stunning, peachy ass and tight pucker. Needing a little more fantasy-fuel to tip her over the edge she grabs her binoculars again, then takes herself all the way to an intense orgasm. She lies back, momentarily spent, then returns to the window, smiling as she resumes her voyeurism.