Naughty Or Nice – Luna C

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Luna C, a tall, slender Brazilian babe with beautiful ebony skin, arrives looking cute but horny in a sexy Santa outfit: a red sweater-tank, red panties trimmed with black lace, red patent boots and a Santa hat. She’s carrying a Christmas stocking and, after checking out a couple gifts, she gets impatient and empties them all out on the floor. She grabs a foil-wrapped chocolate snowman and gazes at it adoringly, her face a picture of cute innocence. But her true, horny desires are revealed as she unwraps it, exposing a suggestively shaped head, then begins to lick and suck it like she’s going down on a cock. As her full, red lips work over the chocolate, one hand, with a candy-pink manicure, slides inside of her panties and she pumps her hips as she frigs her pussy. She rubs the chocolate over her medium-sized, firm tits then uses the rapidly melting remains as a dildo. Then, after slipping off her panties, she turns her full, round butt to the camera and reaches back to finger her pussy and tease her asshole. Rolling back over, she licks her fingers and melts what’s left of the chocolate over her boobs, belly, fuzzy-trimmed mound and pussy before frigging herself, two-handed, to a frenzied cum. Momentarily exhausted, she slumps on the floor, then gathers her gifts back into her stocking before leaving the scene.