Erotic Fiction 2 – Lilu

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Stunning Russian brunette Lilu is getting ready to enjoy some me-time. Dressed in a sexy ruffled lilac camisole and matching panties, she wears her long, dark hair in a ballerina bun and her makeup is subtle but glamorous. In her elegant bathroom she fills the tub, adds scented fizzers that turn the water emerald green, and settles in for a soak, splashing water over her perfect breasts. Next, she puts her earbuds in and lies back to listen to an audiobook of erotic fiction. As she listens to a story involving a woman submitting to being bound, blindfolded and dominated by another, her hands begin to wander, teasing her nipples. Then they move down over her belly, to caress her shaved pussy beneath the surface of the water. As the tale continues, becoming even more explicit and kinky, she begins to masturbate, rubbing her clit and sucking on her fingers. Her hips grind, raising her crotch clear of the water, as her fingertips circle over her moist, swollen flesh – then she dips a finger inside. The story continues and Lilu masturbates along with the narrative, increasingly turned on. Soon she is plowing two fingers in and out, rhythmically and knuckle-deep, the water splashing as they move. Her free hand is stroking her nipples, and her breathing is deep between her full, pouting lips. As the tale reaches its climax, in every sense, Lilu pounds her pussy hard, and her moans and the wet noises almost drown out the narrative as she takes herself over the brink too. Satisfied for now, she relaxes, her body sinking back into the soothing water. She sets her earbuds aside, and drifts off into untold fantasies of her own… Find the story Lilu is reading at free fiction site!