Eva 18 – Eva Alegra

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Among his many talents, Sexart’s Alis Locanta has earned a reputation for sensitively crafted and exquisitely satisfying single-girl erotica. And while his ability in the genre is prodigious, he also has an impressive knack for discovering new and gifted performers. With “Eva 18” the filmmaker more than lives up to his reputation, on both counts. “Eva 18” isn’t simply Eva Alegra’s first appearance at Sexart — this is her first appearance in an explicit erotic film anywhere. And it doesn’t take much time at all to see that this smoldering, voluptuous, young Italian siren has the stuff that stars are made of. As is fitting with any “first time,” the film employs a gentle pace and a relaxed visual style that’s enhanced by the soothing orchestral score. Ms. Alegra, dressed for comfort in a cozy, thigh-length sweater, a black top, and fuzzy brown socks, stands before a window gazing into the night and sipping from a cup of tea. The expression on Alegra’s face and in her big, soulful, brown eyes subtly shifts as her thoughts take a turn for the sexual. She raises the hem of her sweater, her hands begin to explore. Once she’s rid herself of her panties Alegra’s ardor rapidly increases. As her temperature rises she struggles out of her sweater and tank top revealing her stunningly bounteous breasts. Fully exposed and completely aroused, Eva Alegra’s orgasm soon surges through her breathtaking body. A gorgeous and gifted new performer and sultry, simmering autoeroticism make “Eva 18” a very lucky number.